Overworking is Bad For Your Health

Overworking is Bad For Your Health

It’s Friday, you and your wife’s usual date night, but instead of going out your sitting infront of your home computer. There are just a few emails you need to send out before the weekend and a couple projects you want to have done. You’re tired and kinda cranky on a night that you’re supposed to enjoy the finer things, but it needs to get done so you just push through.

Sound familiar? The thing is, this is bad for your brain. There so many scientific research that even proves the awful experience of working to much. If you push yourself too hard your brain get the short end of the stick. The creative flow you had starts to deplete and task you can normally do easily become seemingly difficult. You need to give your brain some rest.

Here’s how to kick the “work too much” habit.

1. Consider a nap.

Not every job can give this too you, but taking a nap midday can reset your body, make you more alert and less prone to mistakes than those who don’t.

If napping is out of the question, meditate for 10 mins. It will help your brain make more dopamine and that will make you more happy.

2. Take a break.

You don’t need to get everything done in one sitting. Try stopping in the middle of your project for 5 minutes and play a computer game or read a book. It will give another part of your brain the opportunity to problem solve.

3. Take one day off.

Don’t let FOMO get the best of you. Taking one day off gives you a chance to enjoy yourself, friends and family. Having a better work life balance is important and can make us much happier.

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