The Future Of Guenther Mill

Guenther Mill before renovation.

This is a place to call home for your business or for yourself. This is a place to be part of history by living or working in a historic building, This is a place that has a past and a future. 

The Smart Growth Awarded redevelopment plan has paved a path for Dover, New Jersey. What once was a Silk Mill is now home too over a dozen families and businesses. The building is beginning to once again serve the community as it had in the early 1900’s by providing a live, work, play environment through the construction of neighborhood retail, industrial arts, office and residential units. Sitting on 200,000 sf, this 4 story building has history and a future. 

The History Of Guenther Mill

In 1902 Paul Guenther, a german immigrant, started developing this historic building to fit his Silk Mill.​ The mill was finished in 1921. At that time the building was on the very outskirts of town. As the business grew, he built more buildings until eventually the building complex spanned two city blocks. He was running the largest silk hosiery manufacturing company in the world.

Guenther’s business employed approximately 1,000 workers. Guenther built housing for them, as well as churches and community centers, all within easy reach of the factory, and a new community was born. But the fortunes of the silk industry changed, and by the end of the 1930s the mill had closed, reopening only briefly during World War II to manufacture twill jackets for members of the armed forces.

Redevelopment of Guenther Mills

The building has been brought back to life. The windows have been replaced to bring the same essence they one brought. The bricks were brought back to show the style of the time and the building have been safely preserved.

It will become a plaza allowing people to pass by and experience the building as well as experiencing community events. Guenther Mill has been brought back to the way Paul Guenther had used the foundation. The Dover community has revolved and grown around this building and that is why it’s great the building is being developed around the communities roots.

At Coworkx Studio we are excited to be a part of this historical landmark and want it to be a part of our value. The growth Paul Guenther’s business had on the world and the Dover, NJ community was extraordinary,  out of his success we have created a place for you to do the same.

3 thoughts on “The Future Of Guenther Mill”

  1. Great article! My mother, Ann Proske, worked at the Silk Mill, back in the late 1930’s cutting and tying the ends of the silk that was spinning on the big spools. She left when she married my father.
    I have the pair of “little silk” scissors she used to do her job. If you are going to have a museum or a special place for objects used at the Silk Mill, I would like to discuss donating the scissors, with a note recognizing my mother, to this endeavor. Best of luck with the new development. Regards, Leslie Fine

  2. You forgot that McGregors clothing used to be here also. Just saying

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