How to lead a team of remote workers.

How to lead a team of remote workers.

Teams that were once together in an office are now spread out around town, states and even countries due to COVID-19. That doesn’t mean your team needs to be less productive. If your team members are working from home or at a shared office space- here is a couple ways to lead your team remotely.

Keep clear communication:

Even if you’re face-to-face with a team member, misunderstandings happen. Working with your team virtually can be even tougher to keep clear communication.

Making clear protocols for the conversations you will have with your team is absolutely vital. They can help establish guidelines and methods of documentation so conversations with your team are clearly understood and noted. For best practice, recording video calls can be important for sensitive or complex conversations.

Set expectations:

Evaluating performance is a challenge for many leaders. Embracing a flexible work environment can help your teams overall performance, but in a remote environment it is important to set expectations across all your team members.

Establishing and communicating guidelines, such as a remote work policy can set transparency and level the playing field. It’s also important to follow it up with the appropriate tools that allow you to measure performance based on output and not conversation.

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Be intentional:

Office settings make it easy to sit down at your coworker’s desk and start brainstorming new ideas for a project, but working remotely requires some intent when your team is spread out.

There are so many digital tools and technology out there that make it easier for our teams to collaborate. Remote teams can use digital whiteboards, poll boards and other great softwares out there that can streamline workflow, task management and other vital areas of management in a team setting.

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