Guenther Mill Is Now Open For Business

Guenther Mill Is Now Open For Business

Key Notes:

  • Guenther Mill’s Smart Growth Awarded Redevelopment Plan has come to fruition, opening the buildings doors to the public.
  • Developer Nick Tsapatsaris introduces the businesses using the building and welcomes business to come saying “…there is about 30,000 sf left.”
  • Mayor James P. Dodd seasoned the Guenther Mill’s grand opening with a ribbon cutting and thanking everyone involved with the redevelopment.
  • Watch the full grand opening of Guenther Mill below.

Guenther Mill's Doors Are Open

The 2017 Smart Growth Awarded Redevelopment Plan of Guenther Mill has come to fruition. The 200,000 sf 4-story Historic Silk Mill in Dover, New Jersey is now open to people seeking a place to live and run their business. The building will serve the community as it once did in the early 1900’s by providing a live, work, play environment through the construction of neighborhood retail, industrial arts, office and residential units.

The developer Nick Tsapatsaris introduced the historic building and the business and people using. DC Express, NWi and Link Bio were some of the businesses he had thanked as well as the 26 residents who live in the building. Nick Tsapatsaris had also welcomed brokers to the building explaining “… there is about 30,000 sf left.” 

Mayor James P. Dodd and his administration brought the 2017 Smart Growth Awarded Redevelopment Plan of Guenther Mill to Dover. He humbly thanked everyone who had a part in the redevelopment of the structure saying “Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.” Mayor James P. Dodd then seasoned the grand opening of the building by cutting the ribbon to open the doors.

Guenther Mill has been brought back to the way Paul Guenther had used the foundation. The Dover community has revolved and grown around this building and that is why it is great the building has been developed around the communities roots. 

All of us at Coworkx Studio are excited and humbled to be a part of this historical landmark – not just because of the thought and hard work put into the redevelopment of this building, but it also ties into our core values. We’re not just a workspace – We’re a community, and the redevelopment of Guenther Mill has brought the building back to serve the Dover Community like it once had before.

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