Guenther Mill Grand Opening

Guenther Mill Grand Opening

Ribbon Cutting at Guenther Mill.

Friday November 1, 2019 at 5PM – 7PM Guenther Mill will be hosting their grand opening. The address is 69 King Street, Dover, NJ.  

The redevelopment of Guenther Mill has been on going since 2017. The Smart Growth Awarded redevelopment plan has paved a path for Dover, New Jersey. We recommend coming to see this beautiful 200,000 sf structure with 100 years of history and a long future.

How Guenther Mill Will Be Used.

Guenther Mill is  a plaza allowing people to pass by and experience the building as well as experiencing community events. Guenther Mill has been brought back to the way Paul Guenther had used the foundation. The Dover community has revolved and grown around this building and that is why it’s great the building is being developed around the communities roots. Guenther Mill holds numerous amenities to Dover by offering flex spaces, commercial real estate, warehouses, and residential spaces. If you have any inquires about the building please email sy[email protected]

The Event

The event will be hosted on Friday November 1, 2019 at 5PM – 7PM. The address is 69 King Street, Dover, NJ.  There will be a ribbon cutting to season & open the doors to the building, as well as food, refreshments, music, face painting and other fun activities. It will be a great community gathering!

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