3 Reasons People Hate Working From Home

3 Reasons People Hate Working From Home

There are some great perks to working from home, like having no commute, you don’t have to dress up, and having no need to spend money on coffee or food. But there are a couple disadvantages too. Here are some set backs people have when working at home.

1.Never leaving the house.

For some of us, stay-at-home order has become literal. We have everything at our fingertips. With endless options of delivery apps and streaming available, it’s so easy to stay inside. And with COVID-19 out there, it seems better to just live in a bubble.

But it isn’t healthy to stay inside all the time, for your mental health and physical. So go, take a walk around the block or go food shopping, ideally a couple time a week so your mentally stimulated.

2. Procrastination

Some people are fine and actually have a better workflow at home, but some find distractions everywhere. With your bed and your desk not too far apart, it’s easy to make the choice to lounge in comfort rather than cross off your check list. It’s way easier in a workspace to get work done when you are surrounded by busy people.

There are many approaches to fighting procrastination. One is to be kind to yourself, procrastination stems from anxiety and that’s something we are all feeling these days.


The space you work in may not seem like it, but your workspace is a big part of your social life. And with everything shut down or at limited capacity, we can feel restricted from the mental stimulation that can make us feel included.

It’s important to make sure you don’t become isolated. It’s not only bad for morale but it can lead to depression and even a shortened life. Meet up with a friend or a colleague or join virtual networking events.

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