The Future Of Guenther Mill

Posted by coworkx2019 on  October 23, 2019
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Guenther Mill before renovation. This is a place to call home for your business or for yourself. This is a place to be part of history by living or working in a historic building, This is a place that has a past and a future. The Smart Growth Awarded redevelopment plan has paved a path for Dover, New Jersey. What once was a Silk Mill is now home too over a dozen families and businesses. The building

Many important brands have given us their trust

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  1. Great article! My mother, Ann Proske, worked at the Silk Mill, back in the late 1930’s cutting and tying the ends of the silk that was spinning on the big spools. She left when she married my father.
    I have the pair of “little silk” scissors she used to do her job. If you are going to have a museum or a special place for objects used at the Silk Mill, I would like to discuss donating the scissors, with a note recognizing my mother, to this endeavor. Best of luck with the new development. Regards, Leslie Fine

  2. You forgot that McGregors clothing used to be here also. Just saying

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