Our team and community are working together to fight the spread of COVID-19 when we get back to work. Coronavirus has impacted and transformed how we work – including ours. Going forward, our business prioritizes policies that coincide with COVID-19. Social Distancing Social Distancing in our space is the first line of defense. That means 6-feet of distance between each other is ensured.  Behavioral Signage Our protocol will require sings to have strategically placed requirements
Dover New Jersey  has become a hot spot for business in recent days. With the development of multi family home and more people joining the community, businesses are seeing more opportunities. Regardless of the impact of COVID-19, this is a great place for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to flourish their ideas and work.   What is happening in Dover, NJ? Since 2005, Dover started a redevelopment plan. The plans are for transit oriented development, housing,

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